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Information for those presenting a webinar during Linaro Tech Days 

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Linaro Tech Days is free and open to the public.

The first sessions were held on 24 and 25 March 2020. The next series is March 31 then we have 1 session on April 1 and 1 session on April 2.

Other sessions will be announced as they are confirmed. 

All sessions are listed in GMT in the schedule.

All attendees must first register in order to be able to add sessions to their agenda.


Please REGISTER for Linaro Tech Days (free)

Linaro Tech Days is free and open to the public. Feel free to share this registration link with colleagues, community groups, or any other interested attendees. We are not worried about maxing out capacity as Zoom webinar can host up to 1,000 attendees at a time, plus we are also live-streaming via YouTube. 

These sessions are PUBLIC and will be recorded as well as live streamed. Please make sure you are not presenting any information that should not be publicly shared.

The sessions for Linaro Tech Days are listed on site where attendees can add sessions to their agenda and will be able to view the joining instructions.

***Please note: ALL SESSIONS IN SCHED.COM are listed in GMT timezone*** please double-check your session time and make sure you are aware of when this will take place in your own time zone.

We recommend exporting the agenda to your personal calendar. Export instructions can be found here: 

Slide template

If you created your slides using the Linaro Connect Budapest Google slides template, please update them with the new template found HERE

This template is optional if you'd prefer to use your own, but please do not use the BUD20 template. 

Presenting via Zoom Webinar

All sessions will be setup via Zoom webinar and live streamed to YouTube. The recordings of each session will be made available and posted on our Resource page as well as YouTube. 

You will be added to Zoom as a "Panelist". You will receive an email with your panelist joining link.


We will have Zoom rooms with a connected YouTube livestream setup.

These Zoom rooms/tracks will run live consecutively all day (as to not add any confusion stopping and starting the YouTube Livestream all day).

Someone from Linaro has been assigned as the "Host" in Zoom for each track and will be on that track for the entire day. All speakers will be invited to Zoom as "Panelist".

There is a 5 minute gap between each session where the host from Linaro will make sure the last presenter has stopped sharing his/her screen and the next presenter is ready and able to share his/her screen, can be seen (if you want to share video) clearly, and heard clearly and is ready to present. The Linaro Zoom host will make sure each speaker is starting and stopping at the correct time. The host will give a reminder when there are a few minutes remaining in your time slot that it's time to wrap up. 

Attendees joining and their participation: 

When attendees join Zoom, they will be muted by default and will not be able to speak unless they use the "raise hand" feature and the host gives them access to speak. 

Attendees will be able to type questions/comments into the chat window on both Zoom and YouTube. The host will help to copy and paste any YouTube chat questions to the Zoom chat window so the presenter does not have to monitor YouTube during the presentation.  

Q&A: if you would like to leave time for Q&A, please build that into your time slot. The next presenter will be starting 5 minutes after your presentation ends in the same room so there will be no additional time available for Q&A in the Zoom room or YouTube channel after your session has ended. If you do have a Q&A, attendees can "raise their hand" and we will un-mute them to ask their question verbally, or they can ask their questions via chat. If you do not have time in your time slot for Q&A, please consider including appropriate contact details on one of your slides so that attendees can contact you afterwards.

Where do attendees find the joining information?

In the description of your session in the schedule, you will find the joining links for the Zoom room and the YouTube livestream. 


Network and Zoom software: Please test out using Zoom here and download any necessary software to use Zoom:

Connection: Please access from a device connected to Ethernet if possible. 

Camera - a separate webcam rather than the inbuilt camera.  This coupled with a small tripod gives you the flexibility to position the camera without having to move your computer and make fine adjustments to your composition.

Composition - position yourself centered in the frame with your head slightly higher on the vertical line.  Sit naturally / comfortably in the chair and try not to lean in to much.

Environment - use an area with natural light if possible but try not have your back against a window as this may create silhouettes. If you do, you would need strong lights to counter the silhouette effect.  

Make sure you have a clean background with minimal objects to distract the viewer.

Audio - external microphone.  You could use headphones with the built in mic that you may usually use, but you may not want this look (person wearing headphones).  If not perhaps an external mic with stand. 

It's good to think about the following 3 aspects separately:

Camera (what attendees will see)
Microphone (what attendees will hear)
Environment (lighting, composition, background)

Session recordings

We will be recording each track from start to finish without stopping the livestream or the Zoom recording. We will then be editing the recordings (since they will be one long thread of all of the session tracks) and cutting them down into each individual session.

These sessions will be posted later on our Resource page and on our YouTube and other social media pages. If you are speaking about sensitive content or do not want your session to be recorded, please alert us as soon as possible by emailing 

Videos and slides will be posted on our Resource page

Speaker checklist

  1. Make sure you are registered for Linaro Tech Days via Eventbrite.
  2. Create your presentation slides. Use the Linaro Tech Days template if you prefer. (If you're currently using the BUD20 template, please change it over to the Linaro Tech Days template) 
  3. Upload your presentation to as a PDF. This will allow us to have your presentation and video uploaded to the Connect Resources page sooner. When speakers log in, you will see a link to your tools page.
  4. Please check the Zoom system requirements:
  5. PLEASE install the Zoom client. It will deliver a much better experience than trying to use a web browser.
  6. Test your at home setup for Zoom and do a test run of the session / functionalities of Zoom (screen sharing will be the main one) using the instructions above.
  7. Join the correct Zoom webinar at least 10 minutes before your scheduled presentation. The host will help you get setup in the 5 minute break between sessions. 
  8. All presenters join the webinar with their audio muted. The host for that track will unmute you just before your presentation starts. This ensures that you do not accidentally speak over the current presenter(s).
  9. Present via Zoom following the instructions above.
  10. Approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled end of your presentation, the host will play a tone to remind you. Please ensure that you end your presentation promptly as there is only 5 minutes to switch between presenters.
  11. If there are multiple presenters in your session, all of you will be unmuted but whoever is sharing the slide deck from their computer will have the webinar locked to their screen. This ensures that attendees continue to see the slides when other presenters talk.

Thanks and email with any questions. 

-Events Team 

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