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For Linaro Connect San Diego 2019 (SAN19), private meetings will be managed using your personal calendar (Google, iCal, Outlook etc).  The SAN19 conference schedule (sessions, keynotes and breaks) can be found in Sched. 

Sched offers the option to export your Sched schedule to your personal calendar or synchronize with your calendar. The instructions can be found here.

Best Practices for Your Calendar

To help other find available time slots on your calendar, please

  • Remove any meetings from your Google calendar that you will not attend during Connect. For example, a recurring staff meeting, SC meeting etc.
  • Set your time as "free" if you've blocked Connect week on your calendar as an all-day event
  • Expand any LDAP lists on your SC meetings that you may own
  • Set your Sched session schedule public

Step-by-step guide

Invite one or more invitees them directly via your personal calendar using their email address
  1. Using your personal calendar system, create a calendar invite
  2. Invite your meeting attendees by adding them to your calendar invite
  3. If an attendee is registered in Sched and they have a public profile, you can check their session schedule in Sched by selecting "Attendees" and then searching for the invitee. Click on the invitee to see their session schedule.
  4. Reserve a private meeting room and update your invite with the meeting room name. 
  5. Send the invitation

Your Sched Profile

To allow others to see your session schedule, update your Sched profile to select (slide button to the right) "Make my profile & schedule public"

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