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Information for Session Leaders at LVC20

(***If you are a Linaro employee leading a session at Connect please find the employee speaker instructions here)

Table of Contents

Presenting details and logistics:

Links to live streams and/or Zoom are being finalized and added to your session(s) in Sched.

If you are presenting live: 
Live sessions are presented via Zoom webinar and live streamed to Youtube. 

All live speakers will present sessions via Zoom webinar. Each track has its own Zoom webinar session room each day. The Zoom link for your session/track has been added to your session in the schedule in

10 minutes before your session, login to the Zoom meeting for your track. If there is a live session before yours, you may see the speaker finishing up in the Zoom room.

All speakers will have  permissions set as "Presenter" so you will have the ability to share your screen, un-mute yourself, and share your video.
There will be a host from Linaro on each Zoom webinar track to help you get set up.
If for some reason you are not able to share your screen when you enter the Zoom webinar, please send a chat message to the Host and they will make sure your permissions are set to "Presenter".

There will be no extra time available for Q&A beyond your scheduled session time, so please build time in for Q&A if you'd like to. If your session is ending and 

If you pre-recorded your video:

Your video has been uploaded to Youtube and is scheduled to premiere at the scheduled date and time of your session. 

Pre-recorded sessions are also available on the Connect website. Both of these links will be added to your Session in Sched.

Each pre-recorded session has it's own slack channel. This link is also added to your session in Sched. 

*Please join the slack channel for your session at the scheduled date and time of your session so you can chat with attendees, and do Q&A. 

A few reminders:

-*All times listed in the schedule are in UTC* please double check your time in your local time
-All sessions will be recorded and added to our Resource page at the end of the event


Please make sure to Register for Linaro Virtual Connect. The event is free and open to anyone to join.


  • Pre-recording deadlines (optional)
    • September 11 to book a time with me (info below) 
    • September 13 EOD to send us your completed video file and slides 
  • Slide deadlines 
    • For those pre-recording please upload your slides to Sched as soon as you pre-record your session but by 13 September latest 
    • For those presenting live please upload your slides by 18 September latest 

Slide template

Make a copy of the Google slides template. (Please note, this template is optional and you may use your own template if you prefer).

Each session has an assigned session number in the title of the session (ex: LVC20-204). Your session number can be found in your session title in 

When you save your presentation, please include your session number in the document name.  Example: "Upstreaming 101 - LVC20-204" This helps us to organize the resources as quickly as possible after Connect.

Pre-recording your session 

We are offering our speakers the option to pre-record their sessions before the event. These pre-recorded sessions will then be broadcasted at the scheduled date and time. Speakers will still need to be online and answering Q&A during their broadcasted session time, it just takes some of the pressure off of presenting live. 

If you would like to go with this option, please book a time here by Friday 11 September 2020 

If you would prefer to pre-record your session on your own, please email us for further instruction. The deadline to send us the completed video file of your recording and upload your slides to Sched (instructions below) is Sunday 13 September 2020

Live Sessions

If you are planning to present your session live and would like to do a technical run-through using Zoom (to test out the software on your machine, screen sharing of slides and videos etc.), please book a time here 

For live sessions, you will be added as a host to the Zoom meeting ID before the event and will have access to share your screen, etc. A moderator from Linaro will be on the Zoom meeting to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

If you would like to have a Q&A, please schedule that time into your session block as there is a minimal amount of time between sessions and we cannot extend your time for additional Q&A.

Video Conferencing Guide 

Tips on your camera setup, etc can be found HERE 

Speaker checklist

  1. Find your session in the Schedule and make sure the session date and time works for you. If not, please email as soon as possible. Please make sure all details are correct in your session and speaker profile
  2. Decide if you would like to pre-record and present your session live on the scheduled date and time 
  3. Make sure you are registered for Connect via Eventbrite 
  4. If you plan to pre-record your session - book a time with me by Sept 11, or record on your own and send us the file by 13 Sept. (details above)
  5. Create your presentation slides. Make a copy of the Google slides LVC20 presentation template. When you save your presentation, please include your session number in the document name.  Example: "Upstreaming 101 - LVC20-204" This is important to help us organize the resources as quickly as possible after Connect. (Please note, the template is optional and you my use your own template if you prefer)
  6. Complete your slides by Friday 18 September 2020 (unless pre-recording)Upload your approved presentation to PLEASE UPLOAD AS A PDF! This is very important. This will allow us to have your presentation and video uploaded to the Connect Resources page sooner. Follow instructions below to upload your slides to Sched. (If you don't see a tools button, you may not be logged in.)
  7. Present at Connect September 22-24, 2020

Instructions on uploading final slides

Locate your session in and make note of your session #. 

PLEASE UPLOAD AS A PDF and label the file with your session number (EX: LVC20-101, LVC20-203, etc.). 

This will allow us to have your presentation and video uploaded to the Connect Resources page sooner. When speakers log in, you will see a link to your tools page:

On your tools page, you can upload files here:

Session recordings

All sessions are video recorded and posted to YouTube and our Resource page. These may also be shared on social media pages.. If you are speaking about sensitive content please alert us as soon as possible by emailing 

Thanks and email with any questions. 

-Events Team 

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