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 Project Summary & Deliverables

Device Tree Evolution was proposed as LBI-20. A vote to approve the DTE Lead Project was completed in Aug 2019.

DTE Lists


Multiple pieces of work in the DeviceTree space:

  • System DT definition to describe a complete SoC including all processors views (Cortex-A, Cortex-M, Cortex-R, DSP, …)
    • Description language change or evolution needed ?
    • Content definition: source DT, bindings, build and verification tools , ….
    • How to use by the different software components (Linux, Zephyr, Uboot, TF-A, opTEE, …)
  • DeviceTree identification at run time
  • Common DTS storage for all software components using DT
    • Add external DTS support for all software components
  • How to generalize DT verification tool delivered in the latest DTC for all software components using DT

Deliverables (not in priority):

  • TBD

Lead Project work grouped by initiative

Space contributors


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