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About this project

Development of GNU Toolchain:

  • GCC compiler
    • We improve Link-Time Optimizations (LTO), SVE auto-vectorization optimizations, and microarchitecture-specific optimizations for popular Arm cores.
    • We improve performance and scalability of Libgomp (GNU OpenMP runtime)
    • We support compiler sanitizers (ASAN, TSAN, etc.) in GCC. Sanitizers are developed under LLVM Toolchain project, and sanitizer changes are then merged into GCC to have both LLVM and GNU toolchains provide sanitizer features.
  • GDB debugger
    • We develop support for new ARMv8.x architectural features and improve debugging experience.
  • Glibc C Library
    • We implement both target-specific and generic optimizations in Glibc. We then aim to propagate all relevant Glibc improvements to Newlib and Bionic C libraries.
  • GNU Binutils assembler, BFD and Gold linkers
    • In Binutils we implement ELF section-level optimizations, as well as workarounds for hardware errata.

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The following items are on the project backlog but not currently planned. If you are interested in contributing to any of these items, please state your intention on the project's mailing list (found above)

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