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The Questions service allows any employee or assignee to ask a question, about anything. That question can then be answered by anyone within Linaro, even the person who asked the question in the first place.

If you've ever visited Stack Overflow, it is like that, but for Linaro only. The reason why it is only for Linaro and not the whole of the Linaro community is because that then allows employees and assignees to ask and answer questions that need to be private to the company. The Questions service does not allow you to specify individual questions as private, so the whole system needs to be private.

Whilst that may seem to go against the open source ethos of Linaro, it is important to be able to ask questions privately otherwise you end up with a system that only part-meets the needs and you then fall back to using other services such as email to ask those private questions.

For further information on Confluence Questions, please check out the below links:

As a reminder, here is the original announcement of the service...

Ask once, educate forever...

How often do you get asked questions at work via email or IRC? Everyone needs to learn from their colleagues, but doing so usually means interrupting them, often with a question they’ve already answered for someone else.

Answers are out there

You just have to ask… and now you can with a new service from IT Services - Linaro Questions. This is an internal question and answer platform that allows you to learn from the collective knowledge of experts within Linaro, then make it available to others, anytime.

Unlike email or forums, Linaro Questions is ideally suited to crowdsource questions from experts across the whole of Linaro.

Ask questions

When you can’t find the information you need to get work done, it’s easy to ask. You can include images, code snippets, macros, and more. Tag your question with topics to connect with internal experts and make them easy to find later.

Answer and contribute

Share your knowledge by answering questions or validating answers with votes. Not sure of the answer or want a second opinion? Loop in colleagues with “@ mentions” or share the question directly. With the power of the crowd, the best answer rises to the top and stays there. Goodbye, repetitive questions.

Learn more with topics

Browse topics to discover more about areas of interest, and watch topics to get notified of new questions and answers via email.

Connect with experts

Find out who is most knowledgeable about any topic with experts leader boards on each topic page. It’s like having a map of Linaro’s brain – unlock knowledge you never realized was there.

It is important to understand that, just like Stack Overflow, this service should be used for questions and not discussions. IT Services are going to be potentially releasing a companion service soon that will allow discussions to take place.


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