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  • Operations

    • We need weekly a private meeting to address confidential matters.

    • Will return the meeting to one hour. First half if private and the other is public

    • Will make the public one first

    • Will have two invitations. Status will be done in the public meeting

    • Will abandon Collaborate and stick with Google docs
      • dd: New or existing doc?
  • LAVA Lab - Dave

    • 1.5% Infra errors

    • LAVA 2020.09 upgrade

    • Maintenance window 1-3 hours

  • Kernel Validation - Daniel

    • Juno PCI problem with juno-07

      • rare and difficult to reproduce. We will continue using the Juno-07 for testing
    • NXP LAVA Lab being upgraded last week

      • It was down
    • LTP to be upgraded (20200930) soon. Sanity test will be updated.

      • Quickhit is replaced by smoke test in LTP
      • Viresh was second contributor to this release. Congrats!!
    • KUnit to be added soon

      • That's great news!!!
    • Validated upcoming changes on kselftests

    • Reported ftrace selftest NULL pointer on i386 on next-20201001

    • Reported ftrace oops on Qemu/arm on next-20201001

    • Tested KVM VMX patch for x86, now on mainline

    • Tested pidfd_wait selftest patch

    • RC Log

      • 2020-10-05

        • 4.19.150, 5.4.70, 5.8.14

          • Reported no regressions in <24h

  • Android Kernel Testing - Sumit

    • Tom has sent out the reports for 4.19.148, 4.9.238, 4.4.238. 5.4 and 4.14 results are in progress; reports will be sent out shortly.
    • Many test runs don’t seem to be counted towards the final test results in qa-reports? The command line tools report different numbers?
    • Test status
      • Seen a couple of VtsKernelProcFile test failures on all boards in 4.4 and 4.19; will investigate and report.
      • Full cts/vts results:
        • Db845c: passed 1,358,342, failed 3,694, total: 1,362,036
        • Hikey960: passed 42,900, failed 2,419, total: 45,319
      • Hikey:
        • Android-4.9-o results running Android 8 using HiKey failed all 1545 VTS tests. Looking into it.
      • Hikey 960:
        • Mostly stable other than the ones mentioned above.
      • DB845c
        • Mainline results seem consistent with previous runs.
        • ctsDeqpTests update
          • Amit pulled together a ‘closer to master’ mesa update to validate his failures, and with that, the CtsDeqp failures came down from ~2000 to 24!
          • Move to an updated mesa isn’t painless, unfortunately. So we will chart our course of action on possible mesa update to 20.3 when it releases.
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  1. Dave Lab

    1.5% Infra errors
    LAVA 2020.09 upgrade
    Maintenance window 1-3 hours